Online privacy is big issue in modern globally interconnected world.If you are anonymous user.Until then you are not safe.Surf data of anonymous can be traced through his social media accounts through a anonymous web browsing histories from internet.

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Well freedom surfing has been hurt through this step which gives birth to many questions like there is no privacy or freedom online your always on edge of insecurity.

Princeton and Stanford researchers said that browsing could be traced by Facebook,Reddit or LinkedIn or Twitter.

No Private Browsing any more:

The paper is alarming note  and large project about the internet privacy policies and vulnerabilities.most of internet information is get through cookies and and search histories in anonymization process.

Google and Facebook, are known for tracking search histories  their users online, they can identify user even when they are on they browse in private mode,  said by Arvind Narayanan,co-author of paper and professor at Princeton computer science department.

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These companies also releases the users history of individual and organizations  for advertisement. The main source of information is public information of social media accounts.

Narayanan, web footprint specialist, has published another paper about anonymization.”Using the Internet Movie Database as the source of background knowledge, we have identified the Netflix records of known users, unveiling their apparent political priorities and other potentially sensitive information,” 

How user can use secure browsing:

The reason behind this stalking of users behavior is to know about the interest of user.For example is some one is interested in automobiles and he or she frequently visits the websites related to automobiles.Computer automatically identify interest and start giving information about automobiles companies and their products.

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Target person may be a business entity and may commercial or private entity.The next one main source of information is email  ID,s.It can lead you to exact the person who is.

Solutions for users :

  • Install Ghostery and HTTPS every browser before using this.
  • Be sure you have blocked all cookies and categories of trackers.
  • EFF’s Privacy Badger install it can block the filthy websites and you are able to create a list.
  • Tor Browser Bundle, for the targeted users.