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Andy Rubin’s New Essential Smartphone Will Be Made With A Titanium Infused Material

Andy Rubin’s New Essential Smartphone

Andy Rubin’s also known as the creator of Android is now coming up with his own smartphone brand. Announced recently the upcoming Essential smartphone will be Andy Rubin’s attempt in getting into the crowded Android market. The smartphone also boosts top of the line specs as well. Where the company will be using a mixture of metal and infused titanium to make its body. Aside from that a bezel-less 5.7 inch display will also be present. That will support a 1312 x 2560 resolution, coupled with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor running under the hood.

There is no news on when the smartphone will be up for sale. But in US only users who are interested can reserve their first Essential smartphone. Aside from that Andy Rubin’s also confirmed that the upcoming Essential smartphone will go on sale within 30 days. So based on that the smartphone will be available somewhere in the month of June.

The upcoming Essential smartphone according to Andy Rubin’s will also be running a stock version of Android. While the phone will also ship with its own digital assistant. Aside from that an Essential Home smart speaker will also be available. Which will also be running the same digital assistant.

Upon availability the Essential smartphone will go at a price of $699 for the unlocked version. Though in order to get your hands on one, the smartphone will only be available online in the beginning. Aside from that the Essential smartphone will also come with add on gadgets like a 360 degree camera module.

The Essential smartphone being a new entry does not offer something new to the market. Everything that the smartphone offers have already been seen from other smartphone manufacturers. Though using a Titanium infused body is something that we haven’t seen on any other smartphone.

What do you think about the upcoming Essential smartphone by Andy Rubin’s ?


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