Though being a company to come up with a unique smartphone design. The Essential smartphone manufacturer seems to be wondering in the dark. As the co-founder of the company named Andy Rubin has said nothing regarding the delay of his upcoming Essential smartphone. If you are unaware this new company by Andy Rubin, have missed its 30 day shipping deadline. Though what’s strange about all of this is the absence of any reply from the company. Where The Verge also tried to gain a response from the company but didn’t get any.

2017 05 30 image 8 Andy Rubin Stays Quiet On The Delayed Launch Of Its Upcoming Essential Smartphone

Now when it comes to a new startup company like the Essential. Something like a missed deadline isn’t that worry some. Especially as it’s only been 40 days since we first say the Essential smartphone get announced. But what’s troubling everyone is the silence of the company regarding this delay. Which might mean that the company is facing some serious issue with the launch or manufacturing of their smartphone.

Whatever the case maybe we don’t know about anything yet. Or maybe it’s just a marketing strategy that Essential is trying to implement. That might do them some free marketing. As currently everyone is talking about the miss deadline. Though it’s not something we would consider doing, considering that a lot of users have already invested on their new Essential smartphone.

104498821 essential smartphone 2.530x298 Andy Rubin Stays Quiet On The Delayed Launch Of Its Upcoming Essential Smartphone

In terms of specs the upcoming Essential smartphone offers the best that the market have to offer. Where the smartphone is equipped with a 5.7 inch display. That supports a resolution of 2560×1312 with a 19:10 aspect ratio. Which even crosses the line that both LG and Samsung have come up with at 18:9 aspect ratio. Aside from that the smartphone will also be running the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood.

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What do you think about this delay? Were you also among the users who pre-ordered the Essential smartphone.