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Android Was Able To Built 87% Of the Total Market Share In China, As Per Q1 2017


Indeed, Android is the most popular smartphone operating system used in all around the globe but if we talk about China almost all of the country-men use Android phones. According to Mobile scout, as per report Kantar Wordpanel, during first quarter earnings report of 2017 Android was able to built 87% of the total market share in China, on the other hand iOS of Apple was only able to share the lowest of 12.4%, as it is doing samesince Q2 earnings report of 2014.

Further talking about Android marketing in China than we go through that branding competition is at its peak in China, Out of all Chinese brand Huawei still is on top of the list with almost 36% of total market shareOppo showed a very successive jump in raking  as it is now on the second ranked with 13% of market share, this is due to its offline sales product system as other Chinese brands prefer online sales only.

Due to cheap pricing with more and excellent features of multiple local smartphone brands, internationally established and globally well known brand has been impacted badly in the Mobile market of China. Apple iPhone and Samsung, the world known brand are top on the list of effected brands, While Apple’s brand iPhone 7 is selling with best rate with the share of 3.8% in China  but Samsung is not achieving any goal in Chinese market as it is far distant at number six in the list of popular smartphones in Chinese market.

Lauren Guenveur, Global Consumer Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel said:

“While Chinese vendors are enjoying growth in places like EU5, Latin America, and India, the same cannot be said in the US, which remains dominated by Apple (39%), Samsung (30%), and LG (12%). The first quarter 2017 decline in Samsung smartphone sales was likely due to buyers anticipating the April 21 release of the new Samsung Galaxy S8. We expect to have launch results for the S8 within the next 60 days. We should also learn if the S8 will overcome Samsung’s troubles with the Note 7, and whether the S8 will push the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus out of the top-selling spot.”


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