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Android users must Try best fax apps that allow you to scan and send the document with simple interface By Zill-e- Huma – June 5, 2017

Best fax apps


FaxFile is one of the best fax app with the simple user interface and available at affordable prices. The procedure of the FaxFile is very simple and easy. Users have to fill all the information about the sender and the receiver. Now make payments so that your file may next go for proceed. Now send the files to the receiver.

PDF, JPEG files and as well as PNG files are also supported by the FaxFile. The FaxFile works on the credit payment system. Users have option to purchase the app for credits so that thet spend easily whenever the fax the files.

The FaxFile app can be subscribed by paying monthly for unlimited faxing. Many of the users reviews down the app, however, the app is liked many users.

Tiny Fax

Tiny Fax works with the tiny scanner. Tiny scanner allows users to scan the documents and other items into your smartphone and then allows you to send the fax by using Tiny Fax. The app have simple user interface. This app also allows users to archive the files so that they can be used in future.  Tiny Fax also works on the credits system.  Users have to pay 10 credits per page on sending fax nationally and pays 15 credits for sending the files internationally.  In short, you have to pay between $0.25-$0.50 per page.


Camscanner is basically document scanner app. It is all in one productivity app. Users can scan documents and other items like forms, applications, receipts etc. You have to scan the file you want to fax, then send the document to the receiver id by using fax. This app allows you to send the fax more or less thirty countries worldwide. The CamScanner provides best solution for users to scan the hard documents to the digital document by using your smartphone. The app is available at affordable prices for $4.99 per month / $49.99 per year.US social networking giant made an unsuccessful try to purchase-snow: Asian snapchat clone

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