Android pay has recently updated to version 1.13. which bring some new features  The new version doesn’t evolve in the user interface , design or  features but it reckon to add another payment gateway .

nexus2cee pay Android Pay to add PayPal and Visa Checkout Payment

Apk (Android’s application package) Teardown give us couple of hint for the new payment method to be release in the near future . Android Pay will allow its user to use the Visa Checkout option along with PayPal support .

Android Pay app is making quite good progress with the demand and usage of online digital payment system . Android pay recently add  Rakuten Edy (Eddie) electronic money support a Japan money platform , and its expanding to add new Bank and Card support to many countries for smoother digital payments.

gsmarena 002 263 Android Pay to add PayPal and Visa Checkout Payment

The partnership with Visa Checkout was announced back in October alongside Masterpass, Visa’s is a secure online payment system which allow Visa Card user to pay for merchant without disclosing any credit card information. 

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