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Android Pay app: code hints for the facial recognition and have offer to win loyalty programs

Android Pay app

The Android pay is not coming with the aggressive mode like the Samsung Pay. Early in this year Google shuts down the hands free payment at the retailer shops. Now the Google introduces the new feature of facial recognition in its Android Pay.

According to the Verge report, the Facial recognition for Android Pay have updates of the code for the latest version of the Android Pay.

According to the report, the 9to5Google team performs the “APK teardown” for the latest version of the app. The latest version1. 22 of Android Pay have a new feature for the security. The Visual ID is the new feature found in the app that will confirm your identity for the payment.

Moreover, the user will get the rewards and the loyalty cards of the app by using the app, they can earn more from the cards. However, the Google is not deploying the structure of the app.

The other report explains the examination about the code, the user loyalty will automatically record on the app, when the Visual ID will confirm the user ID on the purchase of items on the Android App.

However, a camera is required at the store so that image of the user will be capture and add to the records, the user location will be detected by connecting the system by using the Bluetooth. The image actually not save for the next transaction, but for the recognition of the user and then automatically vanish from the system.

The Google last year hands free app coming with the tag line “I’ll pay with Google” was introduced and due to some issues the Google shut down the services for the app, but that was not the end for the innovations of the payment system for the Google, the payment method with the Android Pay with the chance of winning loyalty cards will grow up for the purchase.


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