It was reported by Tech Times about 5 days ago that Google plans to launch an Android One cell phones in the United States (U.S.) before the middle of this year and that it will be sold for $200 – $300.

Google is cooperating with a telephone producer for the gadget’s equipment much like how Nexus was delivered and, while nothing has been affirmed, speculations are in the air that LG might be a part of the venture. It’s not hard to envision what number of telephone makers are keen on the venture since Google guarantees major money related support for the marketing of the gadget as long as the producer keeps the organization’s conditions for the low priced cell phone.

Android One is not precisely new since it has been provided in developing markets since 2014 however with the arranged launch in the U.S., Google may simply be intending to overwhelm the cell phone market since the Google Pixel is purportedly doing truly well against Apple and Samsung smartphones.

iOS and Android gadgets have a genuinely solid rivalry however Android One’s launch could trigger an extra rivalry between Android gadgets. Because unlike other Android telephones out in the market that depend on cell companies to release software and security upgrades, the arranged Android One gadget has ensured timely overhauls for a a couple of years.

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The move is really a decent one since Google has dependably been searching for approaches to enhance user experience with its items. Users of Android gadgets offered via bearers need to sit tight for a considerable length of time before they can get updates so Android One’s guarantee of timely overhauls would cut the time and guarantee users that their gadgets are updated to the latest software. One pundit thinks that launching the Android One in the U.S. is a coherent stride for Google to raise the standards for Android gadgets.

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“What [Google] can do, however, is continue to expand and amplify the options for consumers to get on board with its own vision for how Android should work,” JR Raphael of Computer World composes.

In spite of the guarantee for more overhauled software, the eventual fate of Android One stays questionable in light of the present market drift. Since transporters offer more costly top of the line gadgets in exceptionally enticing and reasonable regularly scheduled payment plans, shoppers for the most part take the bait and buy with credit.

“While there certainly exists a market for good, unlocked phones in the United States, that market has showed very little momentum […] carriers are getting even more aggressive making high-end phones affordable,” David Ruddock of Android Police perceived.

Ruddock demonstrates a decent point. If a customer can pay for top of the line $750 gadget in regularly scheduled payments like a $300 mid-go cell phone, a buyer will probably pick the former, paying little respect to the period of time they need to pay.

We can guess as much as we want whether the guaranteed Android One gadget will tip the scales in the iOS versus Android war and gain more desire from customers at the same time, until it is launched, it is difficult to state that it can have any effect.