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Android Instant Apps Is Now Only Available For Developers, Other Users Will Soon Get It

Android Instant Apps

It was announced a year before b the giant search on last years I/O conference, and we firstly heard about android Instant apps at that time. So now, after a long time of its announce meant the app is now ready for all developers to use. Android Instant apps allow developers and users to launches app you don’t have on your set/device, instead of downloading its huge size app from play store.

At recent I/O conference, the company announced its availability for developers so that they can develop it after that all user will be allow to get it directly from Google search. So this means that developers can now build this app after the launch of Android version 3.0, which they can also use for modularising their apps.

As, many developers were much awaiting for this so kudos to Google for solving this. Further Google said that it could take almost four to five weeks for developers to run the feature to support their existing apps.

Instant apps will also run in previous versions of Androids, but it will be in the developed an more advanced format in Android O, as According to Google. Instant apps gives plenty of benefits for both users and developers as it do not cover much memory space, it will run faster like LTE speed internet, no need of installation like other general applications and much more.

If you want to keep an Instant App around, just save the icon to your home screen. It’ll also surface in your Recent apps.

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