Android has released the next big thing, the beta version for Android O. Though the developer preview version came to the scene quite some days ago, the general public can also enjoy the beta version of Android O now. To get your’s, visit this link.

pic 32 Android O beta is finally here   A tweaked UI and some other major improvements on their way

What’s New?

If you had tested the developer preview version in the past, this will look like a bit of improved version of the same UI to you. Some of the bugs have been removed and some improvements are made in the notifications section with the addition of Notification Dots. Also, to keep you informed if any app has a new note tied to it, that app’s icon will have a little circle at its corner. To see the context menu regarding that app, you can long-press it and see all the options without having to leave the desktop to view.

Picture In Picture

Announced a long time ago, Picture in Picture was the feature that was missing in the developer’s preview version. You must have seen a pretty similar kind of a feature in Facebook these days. Using this feature you can literally do multitasking which means that while watching a NetFlix or Youtube video, for instance, you can view it in a smaller window at a side while you open up any other app in the foreground.

Improvements On The Hardware Grounds

The newer Android O Operating System, making full use of the available resources, will have improvements on the hardware grounds as well. The best feature in this aspect is the improved booting time which will turn on the phone in almost half the time of which it used to be in the past. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about the apps that can potentially impact your phone’s battery life or security because the new “Vitals” feature added will deal with the issue.

Android’s Improvements As Discussed In Google I/O

As announced at Google I/O this year, Android has crossed the figure of 2 billion monthly active users which serve as solid grounds for the company to release the Android O Version. The fact that must be kept in mind is that Android’s last version, Nougat is running on only 7% of these 2 billion users and this can give the Android Oreo a very good chance to flourish. Oh! Did I say the name?

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