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This article is about the Android Google Play help you to make your device secure. As we all know that Android is a best operating system for smartphone and many latest smartphones have installed the latest version of the Android operating system. In this article, we will tell you that how google plays secure your Android device so if you guys want to know that read complete article.

As we all know that Google is the most important part of the Android operating system because many functions and features have been operated through the google. Google play protect your phone in the latest version of Android developers include many security features. On the other side if we say that Android is much weaker to facing the malware and virus infections so that’s why Google is taking some steps to protect your Android device from these types of viruses and malware.

unnamed The Android Google Play help you to make you device secure

In this time google performing three steps to secure your device

1: Your device tracking
2: Application scanning
3: Controlling Browser safety.

Google Play:

As well as google play control and scan the Clusters. If you guys remember that previously google gives badges to the varifies developers and this feature is also good for the users because they knew that this developer is more secure than the others. If we talk about the new Play protect so developers include the same features the meaning of Play protect is the real-time scanner which scans every single application.

New Application:

Like if you guys want to install some new application or that application which you were using from few years all of them has been verified from the Play Store. All this procedure has been done behind the scene. So through this procedure, google play secure your android devices and google play regularly check applications and stay safe you guys from virus and malware.

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Google Play Protect The Security System That Never Sleeps The Android Google Play help you to make you device secure