One year before at Google I/O conference 2016, the giant company said that it will make Chrome OS and Chromebook to support Android apps downloaded from Play Store. The giant company promised to launch the feature in the fall of last year but it never happened. Now, in the 2017 Google’s I/O conference the giant company again made some announcement related to that and also introduced some surprisingly amazing updates for Android.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Review 23 840x560 Android Features Coming On Chromebook Before It Show Up On Phone

The Verge said that they were expecting such thing to be announce in this Year I/O conference and they got one, but the giant company did not comment any thing big, related. “I don’t want to overpromise,” Kan Liu says, Senior director of product management at Chrome OS. But he revealed that the giant company will soon launch some  new products, that were expected to be revealed earlier.

Screenshot 2016 11 01 at 9.21.40 AM 1024x576 Android Features Coming On Chromebook Before It Show Up On Phone

The Verge revealed that Google is going to release Chromebook pro on 28th of the running month, a week to go. This will fully support Android apps of Nougat version. Liu Says that;

“It will be the first time that we’re shipping this new version,”

Before Chrome OS will make it way towards phone, Liu is planning to add some android feature earlier in it. Liu further says;

“Dessert releases tend to have a yearly release cycle. We actually want to decouple ourselves from that. Because Chromebooks have a six-week release cycle.”

Screenshot 2016 06 18 at 2.23.56 PM Android Features Coming On Chromebook Before It Show Up On Phone

Till now android apps for Chrome OS are 80% done, and the are still working on it as important features and updates are not included yet. According to this Liu says;

“The first 80 percent is 20 percent of the work, the last 20 percent is 80 percent of the work,”

Anyway it will be great if such thing happens, whatever, you may read the detail article here. Thats enough from me and don’t forget to mention some words from your side in the comment section provided below, we will appreciate and make sure to response soon.

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