Android Auto adds support for the “Ok Google”, which was a cherished feature the users have been looking forward to.

Android Auto worked for almost two years and powered dashboards but without Google function in its den, it could not steal that thunder which was utterly needed.

Screenshot 35 Android Auto to finally support OK Google   enjoy voice experience with hands free facility


Despite Android’s growth under the Google’s umbrella, the feature couldn’t get into the OS, though widely available on Nexus and Pixel devices, Google’s Android and iOS apps, Android Wear watches, and the Google Home voice appliance.

Similarly, the most notable missing was its hands-free option that prevented Android Auto from getting public liking across all levels.

It was purely dangerous to drive and also to attempt to touch the screen for making the voice app operational. Now you can enjoy voice with ‘Ok Google’ and handsfree access.

Screenshot 36 Android Auto to finally support OK Google   enjoy voice experience with hands free facility


The company has yet to make the news public; however, the feature couldnot get away from the eyes of ambitious users. Reddit user neo5468 led the news to spread the change and prelinimary features through a  screeshot of the OK Google’s new settings.

Interestingly, the Android Auto “OK Google” support appears in the Google app and not in the Android Auto app.

You will be able to see “while driving” option under a description that shows “Works in Google Maps and Android Auto.”

Now here you can see that the checkbox though is not new but the “Android Auto” description is certainly a flashing new one.

In this regard, the latest version is version 2.0.6427, which is required for activating the feature along with other prerequisite for enabling the feature, along with other requirements.

Apart from this, certain settings need to be done at server-side, if one wants the particular feature enabled. Otherwise, you have to wait for the thorough roll out of the app across all levels.

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Fortunately, it is very lucky to see that the “Ok Google” feature is going to market with Android Auto.

The search engine gave a detailed demonstration how to adopt and activate the feature at Google I/O 2016.