A couple of weeks ago, Google released its final version of Android Oreo for its Android smartphones. Google Android 8.0 Oreo is tested since a long time, the developers experiences a lot problems and work to improve the version by releasing many beta versions. Google rolled out the latest android version for its Pixel and Nexus devices, but the Pixel devices users are not satisfied and reported issues of stability. According to the report, many of Pixel Owners reported the issues about the reboots of the devices although the final version.

%name Android 8.0 Oero users reported the issue of rebooting Pixel devices after the OTA update

The Pixel devices receives the notification of the final version update over the air, but the devices are failed to maintain stability and goes for the reboot it-selves. The users reported the problem of the reboots with the receiving of OTA updates. The version is unpredictable, it may go for the rebooting anytime in a day even you are working on your smartphone.

The users claims that if they are even working on a simple task like text, running an app or any other gaming apps and many more, the Pixel devices goes to reboot automatically. You will hear a small pip sound and your android smartphone.

Screen Shot 2017 08 28 at 1.04.16 AM Android 8.0 Oero users reported the issue of rebooting Pixel devices after the OTA update

Moreover, one of the Pixel user reddlvr running Android 8.0 Oreo version tried to resolve the issue by factory resetting. He wrote on Reddit:

The factory reset completely resolved things… for about a week when the reboots started to happen again. I very seriously doubt this is a hardware issue because it was working fine on 7.x, and factory reset fixes it for a while. Android O OTA seems like the ultimate culprit, I’ve seen some reports that could be the same problem.

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