Greek philosopher has been considered structural unit of medical science.In the point of view of Greek medical scientist -breathing is manifestation of a person’s health.Israeli scientists have made it possible to diagnose near to 17 fatal diseases from  a single breath.While the machine is still in its infancy stages ,it is hoped that it will work on commercial level.The  machine uses nano-particles to detect cancer and Parkinson disease.

How to test the disease from machine:

The initial testing has been done on 1400 breath samples, it is observed that there is a varying amount of different diseases fingerprints.The diseases has been detected up till now are cancer, lung cancer ,Parkinson’s diseases, pulmonary hypertension 13 different types of nano particles has been collected.These odor signature and variety of chemical has made diagnosis possible.

Research lead Prof. Hossam Haick says that:

“These odor signatures are what enables us to identify the diseases using the technology that we developed,”


20150415breath test and stomach cancer 600x0 Ancient Greek Philosophy of breath diagnosis , it is now possible to detect up to 17 diseases
breath test for stomach cancer

The present ratio of different chemical is recorded on an artificial intelligence system that is know as Nano-Nose.specific processor gold nanopartice and carbon nanotubes are used.

This is not enough mature technology to use in regular diagnosis but it can detect diseases at very early or initial stage.The test has been conducted contains 86% accuracy.

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