Most of the people own the Android smartphones, and we heard about the smartphone malware. Android is open in nature and gets virus attack. Recently, an antivirus software firm “G Data” released a report how the android operating system gets affected by the malicious attacks. According to the report, the number of android malware increasingly at the significant level.

The G Data released estimations about the devices virus in the report. The firm says, as compare to the android malware ratio, in this year, almost 3.5 million malware attacks on the Android OS.

shutterstock 220533835 An antivirus software firm G Data released a report android operating system get affected by the malicious attacks in each 10 seconds

However, about 750,000 apps affected by the different malware attacks at the first quarter of this year. The ratio will be increased on android applications in this year.
According to the report, the devices have the malicious attacks due to the delaying in the updates for the applications and the connection of the third party devices. It is estimated about 8,400 malware are found on the daily basis and they found the ratio about 350 an hour, so we can say on each ten seconds one of the androids get affected by the malware attacks.

According to the Gizbot report, G Data says,

“Only 4.9 percent of smartphone and tablet users have Android 7 [Nougat], which has been available since August 2016. 20 percent still use version 4.4, 32 percent version 5 and 31.2 percent Android 6.0. The problem is that third party providers do not adapt the new operating system for older devices (“older” in this case meaning one year or more).”

it adds “Sometimes, newer operating system updates are not published at all. Hence, in many cases, it can take a long time before any updates are provided. That is if they are provided at all.”

We can save android operation smartphones by updating the device and install the applications with the Google Play Store. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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