While everyone is waiting for the AMD Radeon Vega release from the company, a new update is out for the tech enthusiasts. AMD has launched all-new Ryzen PRO workstation processors which they claim to be super reliable. The company has released a list of traits that they claim to be the part of the all-new workstation processors and are mentioned below:

Powerful: Workstation-class performance for traditional business desktop
Secure: State-of-the-art security starting at the silicon level
Reliable: Enterprise-class assurance & manageability – top to bottom

AMD Ryzen Pro Ryzen PRO workstation processors finally launched by AMD
Going through one-liner of all good-looking qualities of the new processors, we have a number of things covered up.


Industry-leading DASH manageability open standard; CPU agnostic, helping ensure IT Pros will never get locked into proprietary solution that can add cost without meaningful benefit


This time, instead of giving a 12 months warranty for consumer parts, the company has decided to give a 36-Month Limited Warranty to System Manufacturers.

Processor and Platform Longevity

24-month processor longevity virtually enables nonstop productivity and peace of mind; AM4 infrastructure available for 4+ years and compatible n-2, n-1 and n+1 generation

Commercial-Grade Quality

Commercial-grade quality assurance; Processor specifications are set to meet long-term reliability

Image stability

18-month platform stability empowers smarter, simpler IT planning and investment


To make Ryzen PRO a completely secure chip, AMD has used following secure technologies of its own.

  • Built-in AES 128-bit Encryption Engine
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Security Support
  • Supports fTPM/TPM 2.0 Features

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