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AMD announced the Ryzen Threadripper to accompany the Vega series

Ryzen Threadripper

 seems to be leading the scene with the release of its upcoming HEDT platform called Ryzen Threadripper. The gigantic sized Threadripper is actually a huge advancement in the field by AMD and an open challenge call to Intel. Though Intel released the 18-core i9-7980XE CPU, the mistakes in its documentation and some other hints show a proper trembling effect at the Intel side.

Intel’s Surprise

The release of the Core-i9 came as a surprise by Intel but it showed a hurry and rush regarding its production. On the other hand, the AMD processors came out as a result of proper R&D and the company handled the matter with a cool head. To best suit the Vega series, the threadripper processor will come this August to rock the scene. A Reddit discussion by AMD stated:

Our goal here is to have performance leading platform, something that gives you more than you’d have expected. And a key piece of this is an unrestrained platform, so if you look at what our competition is doing, they tend to restrict their platform based on the CPU you buy, whereas our platform is completely unrestrained. Every CPU we are selling on this platform will have the same number of PCIe lanes, same memory channel etc — not restrained at all.

Key Specifications

  • The company is all set to release the processors with 48 PCIe lanes.
  • Among the different variants, the best of them can have a 40 MB CPU cache and 64 PCIe Gen3 lanes.
  • Every Threadripper has quad-channel memory support and will make full use of Ryzen 5/7 memory compatibility updates.
  • A TR4 socket that is very similar to the higher-end server socket
  • Competitive TDPs are also expected to accompany the threadripper


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