Screenshot 2 1 AMD’s RX 460 Unlocked Cores and can gain 128 extra GPU cores

A hardware enthusiast website managed to unlocked a 128 more stream processors on the RX 460. The 460 can be unlocked to gain 228 extra GPU cores giving the GPU 12.5 % performance boost. These additional GPU cores can be unlocked using the firmware files update allowing gamers to unlock 8 additional TM use and 128 processors for free, like all GPU bios updates and major frame-ware changes.

This update places your GPU at risk with the bio splashing having the potential to damage your GPU and without any guarantee that your GPU will function properly and the lock down for RX 460 for reason, of most GPU’s either having non-functional GPU cores or due to other reason like pork consumption or low yields. At this time the bios update has only been created for the ASUS RX 460 strix 4GB edition and sapphires RX 460 nitro 4GB edition.

Screenshot 3 1 AMD’s RX 460 Unlocked Cores and can gain 128 extra GPU cores


Though it is likely that more GPU updates will be available for future and additional GPU skews. At first glance I assume that this is just like some sort of a driver update or something that you can just pop-on and boom they let you get some stream processors and you got 12.5 percent for free which I thought was awesome. But like this thing has stated you have to flash your GPU. GPU and bio splashing and changing and tweaking this is more kinda advanced computer sort of stuff. If you’re not an advanced overclocker if you’re not soldering off your PC to get more voltage to your graphics card by fully into thinking it’s not getting enough of voltage then this is probably not something you want to do. Though on other hand I want to say this is actually very cool AMD to you know let this sort of stuff happen because NVIDIA damn sure isn’t doing it. And also like this has said RX460 locked down for a reason. One of the reason was you know power consumption or low yields. Low yields I think it is a term  for GPU’S. Let’s say like a RX 480, they made a 480 and it was a little bit shitty. You know couldn’t perform as well because sure there’s something wrong and the manufacturing of the GPU.

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Is it worth it? despite all the trouble? Indeed, that depends. The greatest question I have in leaving this is WHY? would it say it was yields? is it true that it was to hit a power envelop? is it accurate to say that it was so that later they could discharge another SKU, something like a RX 465 without reproducing a new line? What are your opinions on this? We’d love to hear from what you have to say.