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AMD’s AGESA update allows PCI-E virtualization and Increase DDR4 Memory Support


The news specifically comes directly from AMD so, this is not rumors or anything like that and Robert Hallock has filled us in by a block post. What this is, is basically AMD delivering on a set of promises they made over a series of months they’ve said. Which is that they are going to improve the support for Ryzen performance, they are going to improve memory support, compatibility and so on and so on.

And now they are doing this in a couple of different ways. So, for those who do not know AMD utilized a technology known as “AGESA” which essentially stands for AMD Generic Encapsulated System Architecture. AMD themselves describe it as the “Nucleus” for the BIOS of your motherboard. And then this BIOS is given to other vendors to essentially make their own.

AMD owners who owns X370 or B350 with version 10.04 must have noticed large performance increase. And the version which is coming and it’s a Beta version basically is going to be 10.06. This new update is probably going to be available late June or probably could be mid to late June.

This brings us to some cool things, the first is further support for virtualization. What it essentially allows you to do is with the 0.6 firmware you are going to be able to have full support for PCI Express Access Control Services (ACS). What this allows you to do is have manual assignment of graphics cards within logical containers, that can create groups and then have a specific group dedicated to specific virtual machine. And what you can do in theory is have different Virtual machines run different graphics cards and then run games on those virtual machines.

The other thing 0.6 officially adds is 26 new parameters for improving overclocking incompatibility of DRAM. This means that if memory does not follow industry standard or RAM is faster than 2667 mhz then in theory you may able to get your memory working a lot better. It also allows memory support up to 4000 mhz.


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