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AMD VEGA Will Be Offered In Three Variants To Compete Against Nvidia’s Pascal Lineup

AMD Vega vs Nvidia Pascal Lineup

It’s clear by now that AMD VEGA is just around the corner. Where we first got to officially hear about it at CES held in January 2017. But what about the performance of the new platform. Or what should we expect from the upcoming VEGA platform compared to its Nvidia rival. Well aside from the announcement of VEGA everything else about the new platform is a mystery.

According to the latest news the upcoming AMD VEGA will be offered in three different flavors. That will include the AMD VEGA Core, VEGA Eclipse and the VEGA Nova GPU. Aside from that all these three variants will be targeting Nvidia’s top of the line Pascal based GPU’s. That currently includes the Nvidia GTX 1070, 1080 and the recently launched GTX 1080 Ti. Though it was to be expected from AMD but how much of a price difference would there be between the two companies. When it comes to price to performance ratio of both the platforms. Well for reference the top of the line Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti comes with a price tag of $699. While according to some rumors AMD will be offering their top of the line VEGA GPU for a $100 less at $599.

The spec of the upcoming VEGA GPU from AMD were also spotted on PC Advisor website as follows:

  • 14nm GFX9 GPU
  • 64 NCUs
  • 4096 stream processors
  • 16GB HBM2
  • 2048-bit memory bus
  • 512GB/s bandwidth
  • PCIe Gen 3 x16
  • 225W TDP

That is all that is to know about the upcoming AMD VEGA platform. Aside from that there isn’t any news regarding when the GPU will be arriving to the market. But rumors say that AMD will make their upcoming VEGA GPU available somewhere in the second quarter of this year.

Are you also waiting for the new AMD VEGA GPU? What are your expectations from the new platform.

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