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AMD Vega News – Radeon RX Vega Frontier Edition Demos | RX Vega To Be Launched At The End Of July

Radeon RX Vega Frontier Edition

AMD had their live event at Computex today, let’s run down to major things they talked about. They talked about their epic data center CPU code name Naples, not much to say other than that it will give the enterprise customers a second option when looking at data center hardware.

Now EPYC is going to bring back AMD some good fortune when it releases on June 20th, they also spoke about Vega Frontier. They show off a pretty cool demo of a blender application working in real time with 4 Vega Frontier. The main takeaway is that it will be on store shelf June 27th.

They also showed off their first Ryzen APU, a 4 core 8 thread CPU with Vega on the die. They promised 50% more CPU performance under than their current mobile APU that’s on the current market now. They also said that it has 40% more GPU performance and will sip 50% less power than their current mobile APU. This APU will fit in a sub 15 millimeter notebook. The one they had it on demo look very nice, it will come out on second half of 2017.

Moving on to Ryzen Threadripper, now yesterday Intel showed off their 18 core 36 thread CPU. So, the question is does AMD have an ace up it’s sleeves to counter Intel’s 18 core monster? Sadly no, they didn’t come up with anything higher. So, on the stage the presenter said up to 16 core clearing any doubt that there’s going to be more core Threadripper this generation, maybe the second generation Threadripper.

The neat thing about Threadripper is that it’s going to have 64 PCIe, 3.0 lanes across all Threadripper products. Basically you can buy an entry level and still have 64 PCIe lanes. On the other hand Intel Core i9 the very high-end has 44 PCIe lanes but that number drops as you go down with the Core i9 products. So the lesser Core i9 the lesser PCIe lanes.


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