VEGA is the next big architectural jump from Polaris for AMD. Where till now all we have been hearing about are speculations, regarding the specs and launch dates of the GPU. But the wait is finally over as AMD confirmed the launch date for the upcoming AMD VEGA themselves.

AMD Radeon Vega PCGH 4 1140x760 AMD VEGA Launch Date Confirmed Will Arrive Somewhere In The Month Of July

AMD CEO Lisa Su said that their new AMD VEGA will be out in the month of July. Aside from that AMD Frontier Edition VEGA GPU will be the first graphics card to see the light of day. Where the company has set a launch date somewhere in the month of June. That will be followed by the launch of AMD Ryzen 3 as well.

According to Lisa SU, their upcoming VEGA GPU is the best that the company has to offer. Which also comes with the most advanced memory architecture to be included in a GPU. Lisa Su also said “what we did announce at our analyst day was that the first shipping Vega will be the Frontier Edition which will ship with 16GB of memory and will ship towards the latter half of June.’’

AMD Radeon RX 480 logos 1 AMD VEGA Launch Date Confirmed Will Arrive Somewhere In The Month Of July

The upcoming AMD VEGA platform sure seems like a solid option to consider this year. Where the top end GPU will come equipped with up to 16 GB of memory. While the maximum clock speed on the GPU will be 1600MHz this time. Looks like we have to wait till June to really see what the new AMD VEGA can do.

Keeping everything aside we did see a couple of leaked benchmarks regarding the upcoming AMD VEGA GPU. Where the best that we saw was AMD VEGA beating the Nvidia GTX 1070. But compared to the GTX 1080 the AMD VEGA was far behind when it comes to RAW performance. So where does AMD VEGA really stand is something we will only find out when the official benchmarks are out through reviewers.

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