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AMD Vega benchmark turned out Fake: Showing Vega faster than the Titan XP

AMD Vega vs Titan XP

There has been rumors that Vega graphics cards are much more faster than the Nvidia Pascal although, it’s looking like these benchmarks are completely fake. Essentially there were benchmarks which popped up on the internet. It actually originated a couple of weeks back but then it starts to pick up momentum again.

As far as we have checked and read some articles on the internet, it looks like these benchmarks are really fake but we will go through the gist of it. Essentially it’s showing Doom Vulcan at 4k Ultra at TSAA[8TX] and it’s comparing against a Titan XP as well as the GTX 1080.

The results speak for themselves, 142 frames per second on Vega, Titan XP is getting 117 and GTX 1080 is getting around 62. Obviously the later two results the Titan XP and GTX 1080 are pretty “OK” also it does depend on your system. If you have got a good CPU, this is roughly what you are going to get with those cards.

However, with Vega we just don’t the performance. Now obviously if Vega ends up being faster than the Titan then we might actually see these type of results in reality but it is looking like these results are fake.

Unfortunately it’s incredibly hard to pinpoint certain fakes or certain real benchmarks especially when it comes to GPU’s. Especially when they don’t have an online database. If you have an online database for example Geekbench or whatever then you can do some due diligence and most likely find a reference which tells you this is the original results and here’s what’s been altered or this is actually legitimate result. When it comes to results like this though, it’s a lot harder.

Also we don’t know if Bob in China actually does have a Vega Graphic card or not and has done some testing. It’s making even more tricky because AMD have been really holding back on any solid numbers and even during Computex they showed off Prey without framerate indicator. And as we have mentioned before they are working on the drivers to optimize it more and more and they are not giving any heads up on the performance of the card.


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