There have been so many questions that need to be answered, regarding the upcoming AMD VEGA. Where most of them are related to what kind of performance we should expect from the new VEGA architecture. Well we will know for sure when AMD VEGA officially gets unveiled. But till then let’s focus on the recent leaks that we have on hands, regarding the upcoming AMD VEGA.

Vega Doom AMD VEGA Prototype 3DMark Benchmark Surfaced On The Internet

In a recent leak benchmark score of what seems to be an AMD VEGA prototype, appeared on the internet. Where the device ID of the VEGA prototype graphics card was listed as 687F:C1. We say this because the same graphics card was used in a AMD demo as well. Where AMD ran a famous game named DOOM on Ultra settings at 4k. What was surprising that even at 4k AMD VEGA didn’t break a sweat. And was able maintain 60 FPS at all time. Where we also got to see the game hitting the 70 FPS mark.

small fire strike vega AMD VEGA Prototype 3DMark Benchmark Surfaced On The Internet

The recently leaked image was from the 3DMark benchmark. Where according to 3DMark the VEGA card being bench-marked was equipped with 8GB of HBM2 VRAM. Aside from that that graphics card was also running with a frequency of 1200Mhz. While the memory speed on the card was at 7000MHz effectively. What’s strange is that the recent leaked benchmarks of RX VEGA, were all done on Ryzen hardware. Which is the case here as well where with the help of AMD Ryzen 1800X. The AMD VEGA was able to hit a score of 14,412.

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AMD VEGA sure looks promising if you look at the recent benchmarks. While it’s also shaping up to be what we hoped for. Do keep in mind that’s it’s just a prototype version of AMD VEGA. Which is not even running at its full potential. We should expect AMD VEGA to be the real deal, when it gets officially launched. Because upcoming VEGA platform does have a lot to offer and certainly does not run at such lower clock speeds. All of this paired with an improved designed and drivers, should provide us with better results than this.