While most of us aren’t anticipating much from AMD’s upcoming Vega 20 refresh, these specs updates might convince you to do so! The upcoming AMD Vega 20 GPU has this main selling point of being based on the industry-leading 7nm node. This is something that Nvidia still needs to beat to come at par with AMD. Other than that, AMD has listed some other improvements as compared to the current Vega 10 GPU made on 14nm.

%name AMD Vega 20: Detailed specifications and features review – Is it any better than the previous 14nm node Vega 10?

Specifications Bump

Speaking of the upgrades that AMD has introduced in terms of specifications, here’s a list:

  • 32GB of HBM2 and PCIe 4.0 standard
  • 360mm2 die size as compared to Vega 10’s 510mm2
  • Almost 70% reduction in total die size subject to the fresh 7nm node

Special Features

In addition to the regularly listed specs, the Vega 20 comes with a number of updated features:

  • 55% power savings over Vega 10
  • GPU clock speed boost by up to 40%
  • 4-stack HBM2 drawing more power
  • A moderate 20% gain in GPU clock speeds
  • Around 300-350W TDP with a performance bump of 65%
  • 30-40% savings on power consumption
AMD's upcoming 7nm Navi GPU is all what AMD planned for 2018-2019