Recently, the AMD Radeon Technologies Group rolled out a block diagram of the upcoming Vega 10 graphics card. The image was well circulated over a number of forums and this led to believe the most of the gaming geeks that the news has some credibility. But now, the company has shockingly denied the fact that the image shown was of AMD Vega 10. In fact, the company claims that it was made up by the RTG marketing department.

AMD Vega Pro 1 1 740x413 Was the AMD Vega 10 Die Shot mesmerizing enough for you? Well guess what? The image was totally fake

It Could Be A Publicity Stunt

Though these kind of acts are not new for AMD, this could have been a result of the fierce competition going on between AMD and Nvidia. The latter is all set to roll out their new Volta based graphics cards for the gaming enthusiasts very soon. AMD is confident enough that the all-new Vega series will take the AMD gaming experience to a whole new level. The newer card has a more compact design based on the new 14nm FinFET architecture. The key features of this card will include HBM2 and HBCC.

AMD’s Senior Manager’s Tweet

The issue was actually clarified by the senior manager of product marketing, Scott Wasson who tweeted about the matter. Scott clearly denied about the image being a die shot of the Vega 10 graphics card.


Anything New?

Well, there is nothing new except the clarification on the matter by the company. Other than it, the company didn’t release any new info which may tell us further details about the specifications of the card.

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