It is getting a bit crazy at the moment with a number of leaks which have popped up in some rumors. For example new rumor have popped up from Chiphell and that website to be fair usually have a fairly good track record.

So, when it comes to leaks whether it’s 3DMarks whether it’s someone posting a presumed image of the GPU in question whether it’s the package of the graphics card whether it’s supposed specification to the GPU, whether it’s PR slides which have no publicly been released but perhaps maybe released in a couple of weeks time at least according to the NBA and of course it have leaked on the internet early.

There is always an element of is it fake? because ultimately that is of course the question you have to ask yourself. That’s why ultimately all of these results are rumors. However, there is one result which is definitely fairly suspect in the 3DMark benchmark database. And that is a time spy result and that stores 5950. It’s been pretty well documented on the internet by now and the date of the particular entry was the 12th of April this year.

The graphics card hit 5721 with the total 3DMark score 5950 however, if we jump forward a little bit and do a Google search you’ll see another result also with Ryzen 7 1800X which is the same CPU just to clarify with very similar looking GPU. It has a clock speed of 1200 for the core 700mhz for the memory and the score is 14412, this is on FireStrike 1.1 which seems pretty impressive. Also the more interesting part is the graphics score which is 17801.

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3 4 AMD Vega 10 3DMark Fire Strike Benchmark are out – With 1200MHz Core Clock and 8Gigabyte of 700MHz vRAM

There is another post on Chiphell which says “Whether you believe it or not it’s down to you”. Typically the website has a fairly good track record when it comes to forum.