AMD recently updated their roadmap with new offerings that we have been suspecting for some time now. This new updated roadmap mainly focuses on the GPU side. Where AMD will be bringing two products both shrunken down to a smaller 7nm node, including AMD Vega as well as AMD Instinct accelerator for machine learning.

1 AMD CES GPU Feature 740x210 AMD Updated Road map Includes A Vega GPU Made On A 7nm Node

This new updated roadmap will also be changing how AMD launches their product each year. As with the upcoming 7nm Vega GPU lineup, AMD will be skipping an entire year. But working on such a smaller node does have its advantages. Which will make the upcoming Vega lineup more powerful and efficient. Though it won’t be an easy task, with AMD launching it somewhere at the end of this year or even in the begging of 2019.

With a smaller node the upcoming Vega cards will perform a lot better compared to the current Vega cards. That are made using a 12nm manufacturing process, but what about Navi? Well AMD is working on its next generation platform as well, but don’t expect it to arrive before 2019. The upcoming Navi platform was also what Raja Koduri was working on. So it would be nice to see what koduri was able to achieve.

3 7nm Vega 740x217 AMD Updated Road map Includes A Vega GPU Made On A 7nm Node

AMD isn’t what it once used to be. Now the company is competing in two separate markets going against both Intel and Nvidia. The upcoming products from AMD will also include their refreshed Ryzen chips as well. That will also be shrunken down to a smaller node. So do expect them to run cooler and overclock higher compared to the current generation.

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AMD also needs to step its game up with the current mining craze. Because with low supply and high demand GPU prices are going sky high. Something that Nvidia is suffering from as well. But when it comes to AMD cards, you can barely find one on the market anymore.

4 7nm 740x210 AMD Updated Road map Includes A Vega GPU Made On A 7nm Node