A list of upcoming enterprise level processors, were leaked on the internet. Where next on the line will be known as AMD Starship. A processor that will be made with a 7nm manufacturing processor with a new Zen 2 architecture. With AMD Starship the red team will really be paying attention to providing the most cores possible. Same is the case with AMD Starship as the new 7nm processor, comes with a total of 48 cores and 96 threads. All of this does indeed produces a lot of heat as well. Where the maximum TDP on the AMD Starship processor is 180W.

AMD Embedded dGPU Roadmap Leak 1 AMD Upcoming Enterprise Level List Of Processors Leaked On The Internet

Currently AMD is offering their Naples processor that is equipped with 32 cores and 64 threads. It’s the best that AMD has to offer as of now. Which also performs better than its Intel counterpart. AMD Naples will be replaced by Starship later on. But aside from Starship, AMD also have other enterprise level processors on the line. Which will include the AMD Snowy Owl family and a list of new R-Series APU’s.

amd apu die shot AMD Upcoming Enterprise Level List Of Processors Leaked On The Internet

AMD Snowy Owl family will be using the same Zeppelin cores being used on AMD Starship. Where the processor will be offered in three flavors. That will include an 8 core, 12 core and 16 core processor. Aside from that AMD Snow Owl family will also have support for DDR4 in quad channel and 64 PCIe 3.0 lanes.

AMD Great Horned Owl SOC For Embedded R Series Platform Products 2 840x466 AMD Upcoming Enterprise Level List Of Processors Leaked On The Internet

Lastly AMD have their R-Series APU’s on the line. Which will include their Grey Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Banded Kestrel and River Hawk APU. All the above mentioned APU’s are low powered offerings from AMD. Which will come in two flavors, including a dual and quad core processor. With a max TDP of 65W and will mostly be used on laptops. Aside from that being an APU the processor also comes with some graphics performance. Which should have enough power to support up to 4k resolution on its own.

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