Believe it or not Intel and AMD used to go neck and neck against each other in the old days. Though after the launch of Core2Duo from Intel, almost eleven years ago. The market started favoring the Blue side. After that Intel constantly worked on their architecture to further improve their processors. Thus the generation of high end quad core processors raised. Even today Intel has the lead when it comes to performance. Starting from low end processors all the way up to a $1000 high end processor.

Intel has always charged a high premium on their processors, while AMD stayed in the shadows, but looks like AMD is back with a game changer. As we all know by now AMD is prepping to launch their new Ryzen CPU next month. From the looks of it, it’s giving a hard time in benchmarks to Intel processors, on paper for now.

Eventually we thought AMD would go for the premium market as their strategy after we heard Ryzen was going to be a thing. But that was not the case as AMD has a totally different strategy. What AMD is trying to do with Ryzen is to offer their buyers a CPU that justifies its price. Even the high end Ryzen 7 1800X model. Which contains 8 cores and 12 threads has an MSRP of $495. This is great price to performance ratio. Just like the company did with their Polaris line of GPU’s.

Most of the CPU market is dependent upon how they perform when it comes to gaming. Though as of now the blue team is the only one with some horse power when it comes to getting the most FPS out of current games. But if everything that we have seen on paper till now is the real deal. Intel has something coming for it. Making both AMD and Intel compete head on with each other once again. Which might result in Intel changing its pricing strategy.

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How do you think AMD is going to affect the current CPU market ?