Finally, we have got an answer from officials regarding the sudden price hike of AMD RX Vega 64. Yesterday, we reported the issue as seen from Amazon and Newegg which stated the price of Vega 64 to be around $720. The unbearable news caused a B.P shoot for many of those who were just about to order it. But answers have now started coming from proper channels answering the numerous questions raised after the incident.

AMD Radeon RX Vega Liquid 3 740x493 AMD RX Vega 64 pricing issues   AMD comes with some answers

AMD’s Answers

All these news come from a credible source which is considered close to AMD and states that the price hike issue was subject to a serious supply block. As the earlier reports said that the sudden rise in orders has caused the demand and supply chain to choke, the same kind of explanation came from AMD. The sudden orders list coming from many of the e-tailers caused the chaos and they had to deal with it in some other ways.

AMD%20Radeon%20Vega%20Frontier%20Edition%20specs AMD RX Vega 64 pricing issues   AMD comes with some answers

The main reason which lets the retailers ask for so much higher prices is that there are some freaks who are willing to pay the updated price even when it’s pretty dangerous for the market. So to cut the long story short, you may get the cards on the price given at the time of release but for that, AMD will be handpicking around 10-20 e-tailers that they will incentivize via rebates to enable the price point of $499 on an ongoing basis. This may take some time so the advice to the enthusiasts is to wait for some time till the market situation comes to a point of normality. Digitimes says:

August quotes for RAMs used in VGA graphics cards have risen to US$8.50, up by 30.8% from US$6.50 in July. Both RAM industry leaders Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix have allocated part of their VGA RAM production capacities to producing memories for servers and handsets, fueling the price rally.

Sources from the upstream supply chain expect the pricing to go even higher in September and the shortages will pose a great challenge to graphics card and gaming notebook players over their abilities to handle component inventory.

Currently, Samsung supplies around 55% of worldwide VGA RAM shipments, followed by SK Hynix at 35% and Micron Technology at 10%.

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