Though AMD and Intel are competing with each other head to head. When it comes to their current offerings in CPU lineup. But the battle is not near over, as you might think it to be. AMD is currently selling their Ryzen platform, which is made on their new 14nm manufacturing process. Which is an impressive piece of hardware given its price. But it’s not where AMD is stopping, because now AMD is planning on shrinking their die even more. Where AMD is waiting to launch their new ZEN 2 chips, which will be made on their new 7nm manufacturing process. That will tape out somewhere in at the end of this year.

AMD Zen 3 AMD To Soon Go Into Their 7nm Manufacturing Process For Both CPU And GPU

Tape out basically means that a company has finalized the design of its semiconductor and is ready to start producing. Reason why AMD will be going from a 14nm manufacturing process, to a 7nm manufacturing process. Will be because of the performance boost that the chip will offer. We do hope AMD show us their progress before then end of this year. Aside from that Intel is also back in the game, where the company also announced its upcoming 10nm Canon Lake processor.

AMD Radeon RX 480 logos AMD To Soon Go Into Their 7nm Manufacturing Process For Both CPU And GPU

At GTC AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su said “Our goal is to be very competitive in terms of our long-term roadmap. If you look at the foundry’s 7nm roadmap compared to some of the other technologies out there it’s actually really competitive. I think the gap between the foundry roadmap and the Intel roadmap has gotten a lot closer. Our goal is to be aggressive with 7nm technology. We will be doing tape outs later this year and as we get closer to production will give more insights there. But the idea is to be more competitive throughout the portfolio.”

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pP1omce AMD To Soon Go Into Their 7nm Manufacturing Process For Both CPU And GPU

Aside from that AMD is also planning to launch their Navi platform. Which will also be made on their 7nm manufacturing process. Which will be launched later on to offer a better solution than AMD VEGA. It’s good to see that AMD is finally challenging big companies like Intel and Nvidia. Where till now AMD has been successful in achieving their goal so far and in return have put an end to the monopoly. That both Intel and Nvidia created with their offerings.