If you don’t know VEGA is AMD’s next generation of GPU line-up. The VEGA line-up is an update to the existing Polaris line-up which includes the AMD RX 460, 470 and 480. Polaris was mainly focused on budget gaming but same is not the case with VEGA GPU’s. There would be two types of VEGA GPU’s known as VEGA 10 and 11.

Vega 10 would be for high end desktop PC’s also including GPU’s that are targeted towards the budget gaming market. Whereas VEGA 11 would be for normal usage or would be used in laptops. 2017 is the year of AMD as the company is going to launch their Ryzen CPU’s next month. While also launching their VEGA lineup in the first half of 2017.

There were also rumors on AMD launching a new card in their Polaris line known as the AMD RX 490. But from what is in front of us. This is no longer the case anymore. As AMD wants VEGA to take over and define their new line of graphic processing unit. AMD did demo their new VEGA card. Where the company was running its new VEGA 10 GPU with their Ryzen CPU. Resulting in running a game like Doom at 4k 60FPS.

Now running a game at 4k and on 60FPS really shows how powerful AMD’s news hardware really is. AMD sure is redefining both the CPU and GPU market this year. Just like they did with their Polaris GPU where the RX480 a budget oriented card still beats high end GPU’s like the GTX 970, GTX 980 and the GTX 1060 in many Dx12 titles. AMD is delivery what it said it would in terms of performance, and we have no doubt about that.

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Right now Nvidia has the top lead when it comes to GPU’s. Where the company has the most powerful GPU’s on the market known as the GTX 1080 as well as the GTX Titan XP. But personally I am hoping for AMD to take the lead and offer a GPU that suits its price tag, just like the AMD Radeon RX480.