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Priced at US $849, AMD’s 16-core Threadripper is a big challenge to Intel’s 10-core 7900X processor

AMD 16 Core Threadripper

AMD continues to give a fierce competition to Intel in terms of price and quality with the release of its all-new Threadripper also known as Threadripper 1998. Announced recently, the CPU has already grabbed the attention of many because of its gigantic size and unmatched capabilities in most of the scenarios. The latest reports suggest that it will be priced as low as US $849.

eTeknix’s Report

According to a popular forum eTeknix.com, the AMD Threadripper is here to give a big hit to the Intel processors market. The entry-level 16-core Threadripper is actually the result of AMD’s endless efforts to produce a huge performer. Though AMD’s processors are genuinely attractive to a lot of people because of the low price and specs equivalent to those of Intel, this one can be a huge success.

Threadripper comes with a 3.2GHz base and 3.6GHz Turbo clock speed and a 155W TDP but unfortunately lacks the eXtended Frequency Range (XFR) feature. But still, this can give a pretty tough time to Intel’s 10-core 7900X, which comes with a hefty price tag of US $999.


The other side of the story tells that despite the amazing specs of Threadripper, there are some scenarios where Intel’s 10-core chip can beat AMD. For example, while gaming, you may feel a bit of difference as compared to Intel. Also, the sheer number of cores and threads it offers would make it a great CPU for some CPU intensive tasks.


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