AMD came out pretty successful from the Computex 2017 event with the announcement of Threadripper CPU and Vega GPU. Famous tech geeks Luke Hill and Leo Waldock have already published their thoughts regarding the Intel SkylakeX and KabylakeX showcased at the event and now, its turn for the AMD’s all new central and graphics processing units.

AMD’s Past Success Story

ryzen new 100700919 orig Will AMDs arsenal of Threadripper and Vega be strong enough? Luke Hill and Leo Waldocks views on the matter

AMD has recently been pretty successful with its Ryzen series of processors. Now with the announcement of the huge sized Threadripper, the level is even up. Being a cheaper option, Threadripper is considered a very healthy option as compared to the Intel Core i9. Though there are some points where Intel may take the lead but overall, Threadripper has put a very aggressive impression on those who demand performance.

RX Vega is Still Missing The Highlights

AMD has announced the professional Vega Frontier Edition but RX Vega hasn’t been in the highlights since it was revealed. All the basic and necessary information still needs to be seen to determine whether it will be a thumbs up or thumbs down.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 images collection - The company has released exclusive image gallery of the flagship GPU