If you’ve been following AMD’s 3000 series of processors, there are chances that you would have got disappointed due to the continuous delay in the release of Snowy Owl. Now, the first processor of the AMD’s EPYC 3000 series has been spotted online with a compatible motherboard.

EPYC Snowy Owl Embedded e1517994355230 AMD Snowy Owl surfacing online   The compatible motherboard sports up to 16 core Zen Cores

AMD Snowy Owl

The EPYC 3000 series cannot be compared with a standard EPYC CPU. Reason being that this platform has been made specifically for the embedded networking and communications. The other interesting thing revealed in the same leak shows the compatible motherboard with up to 16-core Zen Cores.

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Speaking of the key features of the said motherboard, one should expect:

  • EPYC Embedded 3201 SoC on board (an 8-core/8-thread SoC which supports up to
  • 128GB of ECC and non-ECC DDR4)
  • Optional PCIe slot
  • M.2 slot is also in place

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