Today we are going to be discussing AMD’s Computex Conference, as you can probably imagine what gamers are most interested in. And that is the RX Vega architecture specifically RX Vega. We have a release Window for RX Vega not the Vega Frontier Edition along with some demonstrations that AMD once again showed us regarding Vega.

So, first thing first they did give us a demo of the RX Vega and it was showing Prey. However there are couple of issues in this video, the first is that they were using 2 Vega graphics cards (2 RX Vega’s) along with Threadripper. And the biggest issue as you can probably see is that there were no framerate counter.

Although it was running at 4k at Ultra settings and that’s really nice and everything but because there is no framerate counter at all, what the performance was like we just don’t know. On the other hand you can get a GTX 1080 Ti which can run at very high with 4k at around 80 FPS but that also depend on what CPU you have got. But generally speaking it’s very capable.

A standard GTX 1080 can get like 60 FPS which is still pretty good but let’s be honest, without framerate counter Vega didn’t exactly set the stage because ultimately that didn’t tell us anything. They should’ve showed us a framerate counter also with a single card because that would give us much better indication of performance and also with more than 5 games. Because one game is not enough to tell us how the graphic card performance is going to be. In terms of gaming there wasn’t really that many demonstrations on performance.

AMD Threadripper 1950X overclocked to 4.1Ghz delivering exceptional Results.

According to some rumors, maybe it’s because their drivers are not optimized. Also Raja Kaduri has said that there are some additional features for RX Vega. Also we do know the release date for RX Vega as AMD has themselves confirmed that it’s going to be launching at SIGGRAPGH 2017, which is 30th of July. Also around month later than the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition which launches next month on 27th of June.