Radeon Software Overview FINAL AMD set for breakthrough by launching Biggest software update Of the year

AMD releases biggest software update that is Radeon Software Crimson 17.7.2. This release was a result of market survey by AMD Marketing team. This team research on the customer pain i.e both professional and non professional customers and tries to unravel those user problem in upcoming upgrade.

Taking a step back to our title Crimson 17.2.2 And unlisting one  bye one Gamer , Game developer& selected participants features.

Gamer features

  • As the result of Market survey AMD has a user requested Feature in the Crimson 17.7.2 that is shifting some of the display stetting of previous edition to the main bar directly that saves few clicks and time of gamer.
  • PDCC (per display color control) this feature allows user to optimize brightness, saturation and hue etc by their own likeness.

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Game Developer features

  • Upgrade to open capture and analytical tool (OCAT).
  • Introducing Radeon GPU Profiler which will lead the developers to track the  game codes of a specific hardware in a pinch of a second and AMD claims that it will benefit most of the game developers.
  • In this latest update they launched  SDK with end-to-end HEVC 4K x 4K VR video playback with LiquidVR360 this will highly bolster video performance especially 360 degree video with help of SDK.

Radeon GPU Profiler FINAL AMD set for breakthrough by launching Biggest software update Of the year

Selected Participants & Professionals Features

  • Radeon Software Vanguard is based upon beta testing program that allows selected participants ,experts & professionals to submit feedback ,report bugs & send new features idea  for further enhancement.
  • Beside this AMD have a favor for them on grabbing the software before the other can means an early access to the upgraded software than the others.


  • Enhanced Sync
  • Radeon Chill
  • Radeon Wattman
  • Radeon Software Vanguard
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   Radeon Chill

  • AMD is aiming for the restless machine with no heating up introducing the Radeon chill that will use artificial intelligence to cool down the heated CPU’s and it will done by lowering the GPU usage when its not necessary.