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AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processor Featuring 16 Core, 32 Thread Is Rumored To Be Priced at $900

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processor

The question on people’s mind since it was released or announced last week is how much will the 16 Core Threadripper costs. Now according to various outlets Threadripper is looking to cost around $900 for the top of the line 16 core version.

This is direct contrast to Intel core i9 where it’s reported that the 18 core version will cost around $2000 while the 16 core i9 is $1700. It’s really bad for those people who bought the 10 core 6950X for $1650 and it is out of the return period which is just crazy.

Now before even the was is fought it seems that AMD has won the battle and AMD is going to win on price while providing great performance. Even if Intel has IPC advantage that advantage won’t be that great to justify $2000 for the extra 2 cores. An additional $1000 for 2 cores? and still have 44 PCIe lanes while the Threadripper CPU have 64 PCIe lanes.

Whatever advantage that Intel has over AMD is non-existence. So, we are hoping that AMD will stay close to the $900 for the 16 core, Intel would be smart to bring those price down if these prices are true. So, again AMD and Intel pricing right now are just rumors however, Intel is beast on their own, they have monopoly, they have branding loyalty. So, they might stick with this outrageous $2000 price for an 18 core however, time will tell.

(Ryzen Threadripper)
Summit Ridge
CoresUp to 16Up to 8
ThreadsUp to 32Up to 16
Base ClockTBA3.6GHz
Boost ClockTBA4.0GHz
L3 Cache32MB16MB
TDPUp To 180WUp To 95W
DDR4 ChannelsQuadDual
SocketTR4AM4 (PGA)
LaunchMid 2017Q1 2017

Finally, what do you think about Threadripper? And what do you think about Intel pricing as well? Will you buy a CPU for $2000 just to get extra 2 cores? Or you would go for Threadripper which is just for $900. Please let us know what do you think which one is better option in the comment section below.

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