The launch of AMD Ryzen was a hit and miss. Where the new platform did compete with its Intel counterpart. When it came to RAW performance, but same was not the case with gaming on the new AMD Ryzen platform. While there was also another known issue, related to memory support. Well AMD did assure its users, that gaming performance will be fixed gradually. Where AMD is already working with developers to make games run better on Ryzen hardware. But in the meantime, AMD is bringing a fix for the memory issue on AMD Ryzen. Which should remove compatibility issues with some high frequency RAM modules.

Gigabyte Aorus GA AX370 Gaming K7 AMD Ryzen New Upcoming Bios Update Will Fix Memory Compatibility Issues

Gigabyte has been working hard on this and is also providing its users, with news related to this new BIOS update. Where according to the Gigabyte team the new bios update will address a lot of issues including:

  • For those looking for IOMMU fixes we are hopefully going to have an option to force boot off a specific PCIe slot. It’s not the grouping fix, but a work around for now.
  • Disable LAN (per request)
  • Disable Audio (per request)
  • “ROM Image update” (Being worked on with AMI, no ETA)
  • Cold boot / Won’t boot. Have to re-flash BIOS. (people have referred to this as “soft brick”)
  • AGESA 1006 – improve memory (Got high hopes for this one. Going to enable 20+ memory register)

GSkill Flare RAM AMD Ryzen New Upcoming Bios Update Will Fix Memory Compatibility Issues

Looks like AMD Ryzen is finally shaping up to what we expected it to be. Where Gigabyte is also working hard on bringing support for over 20 new memory registries. Though for maximum compatibility users should go with Aorus motherboards from Gigabyte. But for now we would advise users to only get Ryzen compatible RAM modules. If they do want to run their RAM modules at their rated frequencies in XMP mode.

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