The recent talks about the AMD AM4 class chipsets have raised many rumors in public. The wait is getting longer since the rumors about the AMD Ryzen release in the upcoming event of AMD. The release of AMD motherboards will unfold all of the ambiguities about these motherboards which are currently very upsetting. The AM4 class is supposedly the top-end class of AMD chipsets containing the best chipsets with highest capabilities to support the Ryzen motherboards. Including A320, X300 and A370, the X370 enthusiast chipset is the best in the showcase.

2 24 300x208 AMD Ryzen Motherboards Going to be Launched on 28th Feb. Asus Released Teaser of X370 Chipset


The AMD’s new class of chipsets will probably be in the market very soon till the end of February since many of the manufacturers are releasing teasers about their upcoming motherboards containing these chipsets. One of them is Gigabyte which has displaying off its new motherboard Aorus these days. While, the market is waiting for the new release, Asus has also given some clues about its new release of upcoming system containing the CrossHair VI Hero integrated with the top gear X370 chipset. AMD is going to hold a GDC press event which may unfold the official release of Ryzen.

There have been rumors that the new AMD processors will be launched in March this year. The Game Developers Conference going to be held this March where the AMD Ryzen series is suspected to launch these new processors. The event happening 28th of this February is named as ‘Capsaicin & Cream’ in which the Ryzen processors will be launched. The official information regarding the features will be disclosed in the event. Also, the pricing and other related information about the Ryzen CPUs will be provided through the proper channel in that event. The teasers released by Asus and Gigabyte are suspicious. Specially, the Asus CrossHair VI Hero is a higher-end motherboard which is more awaited than any other.

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