AMD recently launched their new line of CPU’s, known as AMD Ryzen. It looks like the red team is already on the hype train and gaining a lot of interest. Amazon website being a proof of that. As the new Ryzen CPU’s are the best selling product on Amazon right now.

Both the AMD Ryzen 7 1800X and 1700X are on the first and second spot in the best-selling product. While the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 is also there on fourth position. Looks like AMD is hitting it off and have attracted a lot of new and existing customers, to their new Ryzen platform.

A hype like that only shows how people have been eagerly waiting, to get a high end desktop PC, for cheap. Aside from that, even the best-selling three motherboards are also from the Red team, mainly the new AM4 platform motherboards.

All three CPU’s included in AMD’s Ryzen 7 family, consist of eight cores and 16 threads. Where Ryzen 1800X is the most powerful and expensive one. Coming in at a MSRP of $499, easily beating the Intel 6900K at half the price. Where both of them share equal blows in single core performance. While its a totally different story when it comes to multi core performance.

Same goes for the other two Ryzen 7 CPU’s, known as the Ryzen 1700 and 1700X. AMD is not stopping here as according to the red team. They are already working on a better and updated version of their upcoming Ryzen CPU. Which are going to be more powerful and efficient.

All this hype is also affecting Intel, well according to their statement at least. As the company said that they are confident in their CPU’s. Pointing out that they are waiting eagerly to launch their 8th gen processors. Now when the two company have finally leveled up, it would be interesting to see what the future would be like in the coming years.

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