Leaks reported

The leaks reported AMD’s not-yet-announced Ryzen processor family are coming up in fast and furious,some weeks before launch. In just the last few weeks alone we have seen what is assume to be AMD’s full Ryzen lineup spanning 17 SKUs, along with core/thread counts and TDP ratings for each chip. In many cases we have even shown clock speeds and pricing information. Now we can add Ryzen benchmark scores from SiSoftware’s officially ranked database for its SANDRA suite.

AMD’s Ryzen processor

SANDRA (System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant) is a famous program that has been in active progress for many years. It permit user to audit their system from start to end and supports several built-in synthetic benchmarks. We use SANDRA in many desktop and laptop assessment to evaluation of processor performance, also with memory of maximum amount, and storage. It has been a authentic metric for us throughout the years ahead, and now it’s playing the role of a crystal ball as we try to peer into Ryzen’s future.

AMD Zen AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Externally Score In SANDRA Benchmarks Taking On Intel Kaby Lake
Image source: AMD Ryzen Processor

Twitter Reports

Twitter user Tech Inquisition gave response to one of our last articles on Ryzen and shared a link with us to a Ryzen listing in SANDRA’s database. What it shows is a Ryzen 7 1700X insert in at the No. 44 on a list of the top SANDRA 2015 “Processor Multi-Media” trade benchmarks. starting in a Windows 10 64-bit environment, it scored 435.12 Mpix/s with an normal clock speed of 3.39GHz.


one more thing keep in mind that here is that AMD is no doubt still optimising AM4 chipset drivers, while Kaby Lake has had time to rise upto mature in the marketplace.

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AMDRyzenProcessorthumb 2 AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Externally Score In SANDRA Benchmarks Taking On Intel Kaby Lake
Image source: Ryzen

We also don’t have any knowledge if the Ryzen chip is an engineering sample that may be some other features will added to it in future, or if it’s even final silicon cover, and whether not this specific version SANDRA supports all of its features in it.