Now that the AMD Ryzen 7 family is officially available in the market. What about the other mentioned Ryzen families, including the AMD Ryzen 5 as well as Ryzen 3? Well according to AMD. The Ryzen 5 family will launch in the second quarter of this year. Meaning we might see them in the market in between the months of April to June.

Till now we only know about two main CPU’s in the Ryzen 5 family. Known as Ryzen 1500X and Ryzen 1600X. Whereas the Ryzen 1500X will be quad-core processor, while the Ryzen 1600X will be a 6 cores processor. In terms of price it is said that the Ryzen 1600X will have an MSRP of $300. Since AMD did mention that their Ryzen 5 family will be for the sub $200-$300 market.

AMD Ryzen 1600X is said to have a base clock of 3.6 GHz, though here is the interesting part. Ryzen 1600X has a boost clock of 4 GHz. Yes, it’s up there with the top of the line Ryzen 1800X. And we might also see similar performance in games between the two chips as well. If that is the case, then it might also beating the more expensive Intel 6800K, with an MSRP of $420.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Specifications AMD To Launch Ryzen 1500X And 1600X In the Second Quater
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In my opinion, if performance between the two chips was same. Then it would be wiser to go with a Ryzen 1600X build rather than an Intel 6800k build. Because PC builders can get both the motherboard and the new Ryzen 1600X chip, with in the price range of Intel 6800k. Leaving extra money to invest on a high end GPU instead.

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Sadly, there is no news on, what the base and boost clocks will be on the AMD Ryzen 1500X. In case something comes up, we will update you as soon as possible.

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