A survey was done recently by a German tech website named 3DCenter.org. Where the survey was mainly based on the CPU market and how it has been affected by the recent product launches. This is where things get really interesting. As according to the website AMD has done something right with the launch of Ryzen 5 CPU lineup.

This is not the first time a survey was conducted by the German website on the CPU market. Because 3DCenter.org is known for their CPU market related surveys. And have been doing so, for the last seven years now. Where according to the survey AMD Ryzen 5 CPU lineup, have made the best ever first impressions among its competition.

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As you can see from the charts the current AMD Ryzen 5 CPU lineup is at the top with 83.9% positive ratings. While the surveys was based on more than 1800+ readers on the German website. Whereby if you look at their survey history over the past seven years. The Intel Sandy Bridge was the second most welcomed CPU lineup, with a positive score of 75.9%. While the AMD Ryzen 7 CPU lineup is also doing well with 74.6% positive ratings.

Looks like AMD has been really successful with their Ryzen lineup. Though the processors are not up to the task when it comes to gaming against Intel. Which is the only limiting factor in my eyes on the new platform. But if you remove that, then the AMD Ryzen lineup is the best bang for your buck this year. Truth be told not everyone is a PC gamer out there. While most of the octa and hexa core processors like the Ryzen 7 and Ryzen 5 family. Are mostly being used by PC users, who use them for their work.

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So what do you think about this new survey? Are you also interested in trying the new Ryzen platform from AMD.