It was sure satisfying to see AMD beating its rival, Intel in all the benchmarks that AMD showed during launch. As well as leaked benchmarks, that appeared on the internet. But what about gaming performance of the new AMD Ryzen CPU over Intel?

Well the results are the same, as other benchmarks. Where AMD is once again beating Intel to it. This time around both the high-end CPU’s, from both companies, were tested against each other. Including the AMD Ryzen 1800X and Intel i7 6900k. Do keep in mind that both the CPU’s have 8 cores on them. While AMD costs half the price of what Intel is offering.

Now let’s move on to the benchmarks shall we. These new gaming benchmarks were taken from Who performed these benchmarks on the following hardware including:

  • Intel 6900k vs AMD 1800X
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM @ 2400MHz
  • AMD RX 480 in Crossfire

The following benchmarks were done, using fairly a new game called Snipe Elite 4 on a 4k display.

HWBATTLE Ryzen comparison AMD Ryzen 1800X Dominating Its Rival Intel 6900k At Gaming
Source: wccftech

As you can clearly see from these gaming benchmarks. Even when it comes to gaming, the red team is able to gain higher FPS compared to its Intel counterpart. AMD was able to gain a lead of 12% over Intel. Which as you can see is a pretty noticeable difference between AMD and Intel.

From all these different benchmarks, we can really see the true power of AMD Ryzen. Looks like all the research and hard work finally paid off, for the red team. Intel also looks tensed as the company is rumored to go against its rival, making new deals and promotion to big companies in their favor.

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Though if AMD Ryzen is really what we have seen till now. Then no matter what Intel does, hardcore PC enthusiasts will always go for what’s better, cheaper and reliable.