The more AMD RX Vega fans wait, higher the excitement gets. We’ve been covering the upcoming flagship series of graphics cards by AMD and it seems like it will never be enough. Also, the gaming geeks waiting out there for the over-anticipated GPU to roll out, are expecting it to be a magic card. Some critics have raised many questions over its performance but the recent reports about the RX Vega defeating Nvidia GTX 1080 are enough to make them silent.

AMD Radeon RX Vega 2 2 3DMark 11 scores show gradual tweaks in RX Vegas performance   The card can still squeeze a 5% uplift in the benchmark results

RX Vega’s Possible Performance

As discussed earlier, the AMD is busy in tweaking the Vega’s performance to the best possible levels and the recent proof for that is the increased performance bar reported on various forums.
A device ID code 687F: C1 which is of RX Vega, was monitored at a speed of 1630MHz at 3DMark 11 over the last three months and the reports are pretty encouraging. The performance bar was raised by nearly 15% in the period of three months and this seems to be a great improvement. This benchmark report has put the RX Vega ahead of not only the GTX 1070 but also outperformed the GTX 1080. However, a bit of a disappointment waits for those who want to see Vega going ahead of GTX 1080 Ti but still we are left with some time till July 30th when the card will be exhibited in the SIGGRAPH 2017. It won’t be wrong if you still expect some tweaks in the RX Vega recorded in the DX 11 benchmark.

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