AMD just announced a few more details regarding their upcoming RX VEGA GPU. Where the company claimed that it’s just around the corner. While AMD will be offering them in two variants.  Including a 4GB and 8GB variant.

Scott Herkerlman from AMD said “Vega will use a memory architecture with HBM2 that has a different capacity stack, so you’ll see from our partners different configurations, whether that’s 4GB or 8GB or those types of memory architectures that will allow you to drive different games and different resolutions based upon what capacity stack they end up using.”

Vega HBCCslide AMD RX VEGA Is Just Around The Corner Said AMD Themselves
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Now RX VEGA would be AMD’s high end GPU lineup. Then you must be wondering why AMD is offering a 4GB variant for such a high end card. Well AMD is confident about their new HBCC controller that HBM2 uses. Also known as High Bandwidth Cache Controller. Which basically closes the gap between the lack of memory to run games at higher resolutions.

AMD did also show a demo running Deus EX : Mankind Divided on one of their VEGA cards. Where by turning on HBCC the card was able to achieve 50% higher average frames per second and 100% higher minimum frames per second. HBCC in itself is turning out to be very impressive. But AMD has not provided any information regarding the new tech. Whether gamers would just need to turn it on or game developers would need to code their games in order to effectively used HBCC.

Vega HBCC Deus Ex demo 02 AMD RX VEGA Is Just Around The Corner Said AMD Themselves
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Scott Herkerlman also said “[Vega] will allow our partners to create brand new, fantastic design notebooks, that are thinner, that are lighter, but still pack the punch you need to drive virtual reality or the latest and greatest triple-A games.”

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The new VEGA architecture is looking very impressive so far. With AMD also launching refreshed version of their Polaris lineup known as RX 500 series next month.