18 2 AMD RX 500 Series Released – Which New Polaris is worth buying?

We have been seeing a lot of people are worry whether the 500 series are worthy of a purchase since the official reviews are out. And we have decided just to put this out to give my force and impressions of the cards last far. So, what do we have with the RX 500 series?

Well essentially it is exactly identical to the rumors and it is Polaris but with a small tweaks here and there. It is built on slightly more advanced Finfitt processor and allow AMD to pump out the GPU call at higher clock speeds. Naturally this means that you are going to get high level of performance because all other things equal if you simply crank up the clock speeds on the same architecture naturally the performance goes up.

The good news is these cards don’t cost anymore than the 400 series. The bad news is as we kind of suspected as there are no architectural tweaks here and because the clock speed boosts from 1266 mhz to 1800 mhz. Therefore they are fairly modest unless you are going for the really high overclock variants.

2 23 AMD RX 500 Series Released – Which New Polaris is worth buying?

Performance increases are pretty small, for example in the picture above which we took from tom’sHARDWARE. Just take a look at The Devision, the performance boosts are quite modest. We are looking at something along the lines of five-ish frames second from the 580 to the 480, which is not particularly spectacular. Similarly the 570 gets 59 FPS compared to the 470 which is 54 FPS.

2 24 AMD RX 500 Series Released – Which New Polaris is worth buying?

Other titles like The Witcher, which obviously is quite GPU intensive. 76.4 FPS on 580 compared to the 480 69.8 FPS. So, it’s margin of error not quite it’s like higher than that. And this could also be seen on the Rise of the Tomb Raider which is below. You can see the 580 gets 51 FPS at 1440p moving on the other hand the 480 it’s around 49 FPS. The 570 hits 45 FPS and the 470 hits 43 FPS.

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Which New Polaris is worth buying? 

The best value for money might be the 570 because it does have one benefit other than being cheaper, and that is substantial increase in memory bandwidth compared to it’s predecessor.

And if you look at the 480 it has 8 gigabits per second modules which is exactly same as the 580. However, the 570 has 7 whereas the 470 has 6.6 gbps. So, in other words they have increased it quite nicely as well as a modest certainly not massive as spectacular but a modest boost clock increase as well. In other words these parts perform better compared to their predecessors which is nice given the price point. $170 for the 570 which is about $10 cheaper than what the 470 was in at back in launch pretty much this time last year.